Edwardsville Orders of Protection

Edwardsville Orders of Protection

Order of Protection Lawyer In Edwardsville

Seeking an Order of Protection

Domestic violence is a sad, yet very real, part of many peoples’ lives. Relationships sometimes reach the point where one party needs to protect themselves against abuse or harassment from another.

A court will grant an Order of Protection (also known as a restraining order) to protect an individual from assault, verbal abuse, or threats from a spouse, former spouse, or other family members. An Emergency Order of Protection can be entered without notice to the defendant. It is important to understand that Emergency Orders of Protection are only temporary, lasting up to 30 days. A judge will grant a Plenary Order of Protection, lasting up to 2 years, after the accused has had the opportunity to defend against the allegations.

Dustin Maguire represents victims of domestic violence who are seeking Orders of Protection.

Defending Against an Order of Protection

If you have been served with an Order of Protection, it is critical to seek legal representation in order to defend your rights. Dustin Maguire represents clients who have been accused of domestic violence and wish to challenge an Order of Protection filed against them. Individuals seeking an unfair advantage in divorce or child custody cases can misuse Orders of Protection on the belief that the Order will give them an upper hand.

Orders of Protection can have serious ramifications for an alleged abuser including: restriction from contacting the alleged victim through any means of communication, restriction from entering the family home or visiting his or her children, and prevention from possessing a firearm.